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November 26, 2003

We're Coming to Visit

Well it seemed like an impossible itinerary to plan but here is what we have set-up. It is a whirlwind tour and it's going to be too short but hopefully we will get to see everyone.

Saturday, February 28th arrive San Francisco 5:28 am
Monday, March 1st leave San Francisco 6:30 am arrive Lexington, KY 4:35 pm
Wednesday, March 3rd leave Lexington 11:15 am arrive Denver 2:27 pm
Sunday March 7th leave Denver 2:30 pm arrive Maui 7:45 pm

Whew. We can't wait to see you all!

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October 26, 2003

Daylight Savings Time

You have it we don't. But for all of you weak minded souls who follow the man and his attempt to control your day through time, there is an upside. We are now one hour closer to you. Hooray! Here is a chart for you

East Coast - 5 hrs difference - call between 2PM and 5AM
Central Time - 4 hrs difference - call between 1 PM and 4AM
Mountin' Time - 3 hrs differnce - call between Noon and 3 AM
West Coast - 2 hrs difference - call between 11AM and 2AM

Any questions?

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August 26, 2003

We've arrived

Well, after what seemed like endless planning and dreaming we have finally arrived in Maui. It doesn't seem like this is our new home at all. We are still living out of the same bags that we have had since Aug 10. And the car has yet to arrive. Kalani and Will have been so warm in welcoming us. We are excited to get this adventure going.

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