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August 15, 2009

kosmos first 6 months

Poor second kid - no baby book for this guy. Here goes our best attempt at a recap.

Born Feb 19th at 11:22am after being at the hospital just 23 minutes. Came out, took a giant poo all over himself and mom and then had eyes wide open and looked at us like "what are we doing today?" He weighed 6lbs 1.2oz, 19 inches long, little bit of brown hair and long finger nails. Malia, Grammy, Papou and Lisa met him at 4:30pm that day. Malia and Lisa came back the next morning and then everyone came home about 1pm.

Kosmo was a great eater, good sleeper (only up once maybe twice a night) and liked to be swaddled. Grandma and Grandpa arrived 5 days later. On 3/6 (2 weeks old) he was 20 inches, and weighed 6lbs13.2oz. Malia love him instantly and held him multiple times everyday. Feb 28th we went to the mountain sun for the last day of stout month with Ryno, Sarah and Julian.

Month 2 - By late march Kosmo was already smiling and Malia's mini-mommy was in full effect. She helps with every diaper, helps give Kosmo a bottle and pumps milk for baby bean. In early April Kosmo could tip over from stomach to back. I'm not sure it was really rolling but it happened on multiple occassions. On April 6th, Mom, Grandma, Malia and Kosmo went to California to visit Kyle and the George's. Daddy met us for the weekend.

3rd month - Smiles were huge and easy to come by. Malia could even make him laugh. 5/7/2009 weighed 11lb3oz 23.25inches. Mom went back to work at 12 weeks. Kids stay with Grammy or Lisa when on Fridays when Mom and Daddy are both at work. Kosmo runs hot and cold with drinking milk from bottle. But is a happy go lucky kid. Eyes are going to be brown - no doubt.

4th month - Kosmo can sit on his own at least for a few seconds. Consistently rolls both ways and gets mobile. First he spun in circles on his belly and rolled but quickly he put together and very productive army/commando crawl. June 6th, Mommy, Malia and Kosmo took a trip to Kentucky and learned that Kosmo not only looks like his Daddy but is a hot bod too. He did not like the heat and humidity but was still tons of fun.

5th month - we spent the 4th of July in Steamboat with friends. Kosmo wows everyone with his super chill, fun baby self. July 20th Malia and Daddy feed Kosmo rice cereal in Mommy's milk. He likes it! Kosmo is very into toys. He is motivated to explore every room he is in and grab everything. Tim the fish is his favorite and he really likes his snuggly too.

6th month - Well between trying to crawl, getting his first two teeth, not taking a bottle very well etc. sleep has gone down hill (at least for mom.) Kosmo takes up power nursing at night. Grandma comes to visit at an unlucky time. Kosmo gets his first tooth on Aug 1st but spent about 5 days prior being miserable. After a visit to the doctor we learn teething sucks and that Tylenol comes in supositories - booty medicine for Kosmo. 8/3/09 weighs 13lbs13.8oz. The second tooth poked through two days later. Then back to super fun self.

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October 4, 2007

12th month

September was great. Malia officially became a walker, I think she might have even forgotten how to crawl. After mastering walking she has moved onto climbing and communication. She doesn't really have words - at least that we understand yet -- but she does seem to say Hi, Yea (as in yes) and This. But she is signing up a storm. She knows or has made up her own signs for:
Dog, Flower, more, all done, light, fan, bunny, phone, help, ball, eat, milk, drink

We took a trip to Arizona for the Buffs game and to see Aunt Harriet and Christine. It was so hot but everyone loved our adorable baby buff. We celebrated the big birthday with a Greek party on Friday night and Grandma and grandpa and stayed with Malia for a few hours so we could watch the Buffs upset Oklahoma on Malia's birthday.

She had her checkup on Oct 3rd and here are her stats:
weight: 17lbs. 14.1oz 6%
height: 2 feet 6 inches 78%
head: 17 inches 7%

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September 11, 2007

11th month

august was very fun. Malia became so expressive. She made a sound that sounded like the word this and would say it all the time. So, I would say this is a ball etc etc. We are still trying signs. she absolutely uses gestures but not really official baby signs yet. Biggest news of the month came on Aug 21st when Malia took her first steps. We were totally surprised. I set her down in the kitchen and she took 2 steps. She took 4 more when Marc got home from work. That weekend we went to Andy & Julies wedding in Crested Butte. There was a lot going on so Malia did not try walking too much more until we returned home. malia is also acting very grown up. she loves the baby bjorn, maybe too much, and likes to be in it at the grocery so she can push the cart and help shop. she is also more interested in pushing her stroller than in riding in it and she will eat anything as long as she can pick it up and feed it to herself.

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August 13, 2007

10th month

July was a blur. Malia got two more teeth and seems to have a mouth full ready to go right behind these. She pushed her wagon fully weighted down all over the house. I am convinced that pound for pound she is the strongest human alive. After getting some teeth she was full of new sounds. da, da; a - da; th th; etc etc. She just seems so smart all of the sudden. She maneuvers well and communicates despite her lack of words. I should have written this as the month progressed because now I can't remember but I want to express how fun she is.

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July 19, 2007

9th month

Time is starting to fly by. June was a big month for all of us. Malia crawled for the first time on June 4th. I was talking to Grammy on the phone and she took 5 distinct crawling "steps." She did it again later that night and slowly but surely became a speedster by the end of the month. We took a trip to Kentucky to say goodbye to the woods and have a mini family reunion. We were stuck in the Dallas airport for 9-hours and then in KY for 2-extra days all due to weather in Dallas but Malia was a rock star, played, laughed and entertained other weary travelers. She also had a great time with all of her cousins although sometimes the attention was a little overwhelming. While in KY she also got her first tooth on June 25th. Her first tooth is her bottom, front/right one and a second one on the left is not far behind. Malia spent most of her time in KY crawling to things and pulling up on them. It only took her a few days after mastering crawling to want to stand. Her best trick is laughing hysterically at the anticipation of being tickled or getting a zerbert. Marc also started a new job so he had a couple of weeks off to work making a window between the kitchen and dining room and playing with us. It was great.

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June 11, 2007

8th month

May was an exciting month which entailed many changes. Malia got closer to crawling everyday. She did push ups, rocked on all fours, pushed herself backwards on hardwood floors, then on carpet, flipped from her back to stomach and up to sitting in record time (making diaper changing an olympic level sport) moved from all fours to sitting and sitting to all fours, dove forward and then would get frustrated. The night of June 4th it all clicked and she crawled. Malia also really got the hang of solid foods in mid-May. She spent the couple of months prior tasting and playing but in the middle of may she started really eating. Malia got shots this month and didn't even cry just glared at the nurse. And we started a baby swap with Eden so Dad could work on Thursday afternoons, especially since he got a new job.

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May 8, 2007

7th month

April was too much fun. By the first week Malia could officially sit on her own, by the second week she consistently rolled from stomach to back and then did this crazy inch worm backward scoot and by the end of the month she was doing push ups and could scoot backwards on her stomach at least on the hardwood floors.

The weather finally got nice and we spent a lot of time outside. Malia loves to swing and pull the grass almost as much as she loves pulling my hair. She still talks a ton although only when her environment is calm and familiar, otherwise she just looks and checks things out. Perrin and Malia went to CA to visit Kyle guys and had a great time. Malia was rock star on the plane both directions.

Malia now has a distinct giggle which is so cute and her daddy can make her crack up. She also now anticipates things like tickles and laughs just waiting for tickles or snuggles.

She is getting more interested in food and has eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, avocados, Papou let her lick a pickle too.

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March 31, 2007

month 6

Time is starting to fly. March was great fun and also a little worrisome. Malia seemed to be snotty and not really sick but not totally well on and off throughout the month. Considering all of the nasty diseases other babies got we were really lucky. We did spend a lot of time sucking out boogers and almost every morning I would yell to Marc, will you steam the bean (take Malia in the bathroom for shower time to help decongest her.)

On the fun side, Malia become a super fun jumper in her bouncer, talked up a storm (we called her baby pterodactyl) and stretched for everything. She would arch and reach for everything. In her papsan in the bathroom she would pull down her bunny, Jerry and then stretch and stretch to reach the tiny piece of velcro from which Jerry hung. In her gym she was more interested in the carrabeeners and streching to pull them off than in the animals. She is such a rock star and has been doing her part to spread good baby karma and PR in bars, restarants and homes thoughout CO. She also got a "bedtime" this month. She is in her PJ's at 8pm and then can read or play or whatever she likes but she is usually asleep and in the cosleeper by 8:30pm.

She arches and reaches but still no real interest in rolling over and less interest in tummy time than when she was tiny.

Stats on 4/2/07:
height 26 inches 55%
weight 14lb 6 oz 25%
head cir 16-1/4 inches 25%

perfect and healthy but needs to spend more tummy time to increase trunk strength and rolling
got DTaP and IPV shots

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March 5, 2007

5th month

February we made new friends at my mom/baby yoga class and starting doing great things like going swimming. Malia rolled over a few times but never on cue and it would be one roll not to be repeated for many days. It was still cold and snowy out so most of our playing happened indoors.

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3rd month

December was our month to get out and go. We went to California to join Marc on a business trip and visit cousins again. Malia slept great on the trip (in bed with us of course) but after that she seemed to get up only once, maybe twice a night. We also had a blizzard which made Grandma and Grandpa a few days late for their visit just after Christmas but was beautiful. Malia discovered her hands at the end of the month after spending one entire day staring at them. On December 18tha at 11 weeks old she weighed 10lbs11oz, was 23-1/2 inches long and had a head circumference of 15 inches.

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2nd Month

November was the month of the sling. The weather was nice so went on lots of walks in the sling, we went to our first happy hour for Uncle Ryno's birthday in the sling, etc. Kyle, Amy, Hazel and Nola came to visit for Thanksgiving and Malia starting sleeping at least a 4-hour stretch at night. Malia could already hold her head up no problem.

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1st month

Malia Sage Chipouras was born September 29th at 3:30pm. She weighed 6lbs, 4oz; was 18-1/2 inches long and her head circumference was 12-1/2 inches. She was not due until October 15th so everyone was caught off guard when she was born in September. Gwen and Daniel were visiting from Maui and had spend the night before. My water broke at about 1:30am and even our doula Ruth was surprised to be hearing from us. Labor and delivery went fairly smoothly and I was able to do it without any medical intervention. Thankfully Marc and Ruth were around to push/massage my back since I had terrible back labor.

The doctors were a little worried since she was early, the cord was around her neck, I was GBS positive and she didn't scream. So, we had to spent the first night in the NICU were Malia was attached to monitors. She slept on Marc's chest that night so I could finally get some sleep. The next morning we were moved to the regular mom/baby wing. Everything was great until we found out Malia had jaundice and had to be under the lights. We had to stay in the hospital an extra night as a result. Finally on Monday we were allowed to go home. Thankfully all of the grandparents had pitched in and made the house livable for a baby. Grandma and Grandpa stayed for two weeks and did all of the cooking, cleaning etc so we could focus on Malia. Marc was off for 1 week and then worked part-time from home for the next week. Malia had to be on a light bed (she looked like frozen Hahn Solo) due to her jaundice until we went back to the doctor at one week. Malia wanted to snuggle not be left on the bed so this was a very tough week for me. Thank goodness at her one week check up her levels were fine and we could leave the "tanning bed" behind. On October 6th she weighed 6lbs 5oz (back to birth weight which was great since she was 5lb10oz when we left the hospital) and her head circumference was 13 inches. At 2 weeks on October 16th she weighed 7lbs 2oz, was 20 inches long and had a head circimference of 13-1/2 inches.

The rest of October was spent trying to not be terrified as new parents. Feeding and chanigng Malia every 2-3 hours around the clock, having friends over, making up for lost snuggle time (Malia wanted to be held at all times including sleeping on one of us at night.)

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January 31, 2007

4th month

January, the month of the baby gym. Malia learned to grab things and put them her mouth. She is also getting so much fun. She is very responsive and so smiley all of the time.

We just went to the doctor for the 4 moth visit. Dr Cohen says she is doing great

Here are the stats
Length 25" 75%
Weight 12lbs 10oz 25%

All perecentages are based on the Iowa formula fed baby chart

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Malia goes swimmimg

Malia went swimming today and really enjoyed herself. she went with mom so dad missed out. apparently she smiled a lot and put her face in teh water all by herself

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