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October 3, 2005

What a weekend

We are still amazed at how wonderful the wedding weekend was. Now that we are back in the middle of the Pacific ocean, the overwhelming love we felt from every one at the wedding seems to be the single memory that stands out among the rest. Looking through the photos you have sent our way only confirms the fact, that we love you all very much.

Perrin and I are still waiting for the official wedding photos to arrive. (Point of Note, never use FedEx when delivering to Maui) While we wait though we have compiled some highlights of the photos that we have. We begin with memories of fresh flower leis and banana pancakes. We'll follow that up with highlights from the wedding itself - paying special attention to the kids in attendence. Robbie Takizawa may win the award for the best pose of the entire weekend. Now we can move on to some photos of the cranes from beginning to end. Thanks for spending the time to fold your own, the resulting symbolism exceeded all of our expectations. FInally, here are some miscellaneous photos from around the magical town of Telluride.

We'll get more photos to you as soon as you send them to us. And FedEx gets their act together.

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September 19, 2005

Pictures are Floating in

While we have no official photos some albums are starting to circulate the web.. Check these out.. (free registration required)

Photos by Patrick, Jill and Hank
Photos by Sarah and Chris Curtin
Photos by Megan Young

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August 5, 2005

Live Cam?

Did any of you make it out to Napili Bay when you were in town? Remember take the lower road and turn left at the pink sign? Well go check it out on the live cam. It's only a few miles north of our house so it should give you a nice idea of what the weather is like here in Pohailani.

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October 14, 2004

Sunset Eclipse

The sunsets in Maui tend to be beautiful. Setting over the ocean with Molokai and Lanai framing the view. Mother nature outdid hereself on Wednesday. We watched a solar eclipse as the sunset. Not something I think I will ever witness again.

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May 28, 2004

Fun with panoramics

Inside the crater
View from the pali
The Big Island

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December 1, 2003

Thanksgiving in Maui

Perrin and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving here in Maui. We had a good time and despite the fact that we were so far away from our families we still felt warm, loved and learned a lot about Hawaiian culture on the way.

We spent the whole day with our local ohana. Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and Kalani Ho and her family have warmly accepted us here in Muai and we have spent much time with them. We started off the day at 7AM rolling down to Kea and Kaeli's house to begin preparing the Imu.

What is an imu you say? It is an underground oven which is used to steam and prepare food kalua style. It is quite an invovled process which I will attempt to describe to you now.

First you need to dig a pit that is 2-3 feet deep. You should loosely cover the bottom of the pit with Keawe wood and kindling. Next, place a large bamboo pole in the middle and create a mound of lava rocks around the pole and create the shape of a volcano out of the lava rocks. Once you have all of your rocks place you can remove the pole and you now have a convenient place to light you imu. Please do not use gasoline to light your imu, the air cavity created by teh structure could create a sort of mini bomb. Now that you have lit your imu, let it burn for a bout an hour. The Keawe should burn slowly and heat your lava rocks up to a nice glowing red.

Now that your imu is hot it is ready to be lined. Stoke your coals until they create a nice level bed for your oven. Smash up two banana tree trunks to a nice soggy pulp. The banana tree trunks are made mostly from water and will provide some good steam for you. Cover the bottom of the oven ith 3 to 4 inches of smashed up tree trunk. Now continue to cover the oven with banana leaves. Next add some ti leaves to the mix for flavoring.

Now you are ready to add your meats to the oven. We could 1 turkey, 2 pig butts, 1 ham and 20 salmon lau laus. Basically to cook the meats cover them in hawaiian sea salts and wrap them in ti leaves. Creating the laulaus is a little more in depth process which involves more vegetables and seasoning and some very delicate tying of the ti leaves. I'm sure I could have done a better job explaining this part, but you are probably bored with my description by now anyway.

Anyway once you have made all of these things plop them down in the oven. Cover everything up with banana leaves. Lots of banana leaves and try to make sure there is no steam leaking from the oven. Now cover the whole apparatus with wet burlap and then a couple layers of wet sheets. Finally, cover the whole oven up with dirt. And wait. We waited about 8 hours for everything to cook, but apparently there isn't exactly a science to cooking times.

All of the food came out great. It was spectacular. Well at least the laulaus were great and everybody else seemed to be quite pleased with the meat as well.

Sorry for the overly winded description, but I really enjoyed the whole imu experience. We spent the rest of the day surfing and playing with Mihana and Nalu, drinking beer and talking story. It was a great day for eveyone.

I had to work at 3 on Thanksgiving, serving turkey dinners to a throng of tourists. That was interesting and made the day seem a little less like a holiday. Fortunately I had some cusotmers who appreciated me working on the holiday and they treated me nice. I made it back to the party at about 8:30 and settled back into the fun.

We missed all of the rest of our friends and family over this holiday, but are so glad, to have found a great group of friends over here.

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November 10, 2003

The Road to Hana

Marc and I made our first trip to Hana with Ryno and Jen. Hana is as far away from Lahaina as you can get and still be on Maui. It is the wet side of the island and as a result around every corner on the narrow twisting road is an amazing waterfall. We drove the rental convertible but we kept having to stop and put the lid up due the misting rain. The highlights included Blue Pool, Venus Pool, a beautiful hike through a bamboo forest and Alelele Falls. We learned that trees don't have annual growth rings since we don't have seasons here in Maui and we dug up a keiki bamboo to grow on our lanai. The waterfalls were massive and gushing. We were not able to soak in the Seven Sacred Pools (Their are not seven nor are they sacred; the owner of the Hotel Hana Maui just needed an attraction for makreting purposes. It worked.) because the falls were raging and we might have been washed out to sea.

Here are some great photos for you.

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November 2, 2003

Snorkeling Black Rock

We went snorkeling out at Black Rock today for Ryno's birthday. It was a grteat day and we saw some amazing creatures even though it is a very popular spot. We saw several turtles and porcupine fish. And we even saw a manta ray. It was absolutely amazing. It was crusing through the water and we had no hope of keeping pace with it. Unfortunately the photos of the ray didn't come out so hot, but I did take some other photos and they seem to be working out very well. My skills are getting better for sure. Enjoy..

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November 1, 2003

Ryno arrives

Ryno arrived last week and he's fitting into the Maui lifestyle pretty well. We took him out there surfing and he popped up like a champ. That makes us 2 for 2 so far in helping visitors surf. Not so bad.

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October 28, 2003

Diving Lanai

Well, it has been quite hazy here for the last few days. Enough so that we can't even see Lanai or Molokai. Perrin and I decided to sail over to Lania it see if it still existed. And while we were over there perhaps we would do a little SCUBA as well.

Actually, we had been planning on gong SCUBA for Perrin's birthday quite some time now. We headed out on the Trilogy IV and cruised the 8 miles across the ocean to Lanai. The boat was awesome a large catamaran and we only had 6 divers and 2 crew. I felt like we had the whole boat to ourselves..

Our first dive was at Cathedrals II. This is one of the most beautiful sites in all of Hawaii. Once we shook off the intial diving jitters that you have after you have dove in a while, we really enjoyed this dive. Yes, we saw many reef fish and even an eel, but the highlights of this dive came as we swam through the volcanic chambers. The shapes of lava were amazing and the way the sun shone down really made this an amazing sight. I would show you photos, but I left the lens cap on my camera, before I put it in it's protective case. Oops..

On the next dive we went to "Shark Fin Bay" This dive was amazing too, but mostly for the sheer amounts of fish and eel. Foruntately, I had my cmaera set on this one. SCUBA is pretty cool and we are ready to go again soon. We just need to get some better sealegs to handle the boat a little better. We both had a little trouble with that one, but now that we are back on dry land, we feel great and are so happy about the trip...

Happy Birthday Perrin.

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October 19, 2003

Our final trip to the DMV

From the time a car arrives to Hawaii you have just 30 days to get it registered to avoid tickets and fines. This did not seem unreasonable to us at first. Then we began the process. Before you hear the details check out the results: the plates and the licenses

From the time a car arrives to Hawaii you have just 30 days to get it registered to avoid tickets and fines. This did not seem unreasonable to us at first. Then we began the process. Before you hear the details check out the results: the plates and the licenses

First of all we had to study for a written driving test and learn things such as the Department of Finance is in charge of licensing and what to do if you are in the left hand lane of an eight-lane highway and want to exit on the right. Now in many places this is practical information. However, the island of Maui only has one main highway and at most it has two lanes going in any given direction. Anyway, having studied we headed to the DMV about a month ago to get our licenses and register the Honda. You will be happy to know that we both got 100% on our tests and were given our Rainbow driver's licenses entitling us to the much coveted Kama'aina status and access to endless "locals only" discounts.

However, we were told our car had to pass an inspection before it could be registered -- no problem. Until we found out that the private inspection company is only open for two hours on Tuesday mornings (that might be an exaggeration but barely.) So we waited. Then Tuesday came around and we went. However, they won't inspect you car unless you have state of Hawaii insurance. Hello sketchy business practices. So we found a local agent transferred the policy, waited for the next Tuesday and returned to the inspection garage. The good old civic passed with flying colors and we got a piece of paper. You see they cannot affix the necessary sticker until our car has Hawaii plates. So back to the DMV, which is closed Tues, Sat & Sun and only open 8-10:30 am and noon - 3pm on the other days. We wait from 9 am until 10:30 at which point the office closed for lunch. At least we had the first number for the post lunch shift. We thought we had everything we needed. Well it turns out they forgot to mention that we had to have our bill of lading proving that our car arrived less than a month ago (Marc threw it away and by now it has been well over 6 weeks anyway.) I “talked” my way out of that predicament but, then they wanted David Monhollen to be present because not only does Hawaii mandate that you register you car but you have to get a new "Hawaii" title and both of our names are on the title. Anyway, we went back today got everything worked out and we officially have Rainbow license plates. Now we just need the sticker because the inspection is only good for 30-days and if we don't get the sticker we have to start over.

On the bright side we are rich in time these days so we found it almost entertaining to sit at the outdoor DMV with our coffee and the Maui News (a subject worthy of it's own story) and meet people. Also, for those of you from Steamboat who used to take pride in the beginning letter of your license plate, that tradition remains here in Hawaii so all cars on Maui have plates that start with "M."

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