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November 26, 2004

Mmmm... Deep Fried Turkey

On Thanksgiving we had 12 of our closest freinds over for a turkey feast. Stiks was kind enough to spearhead the turkey offensive. Apparently with 1 tank of propane and and 5 gallons of oil you can make a delectable turkey. That's what I hear, I didn't taste any. To combat the tryptophan we played bocce ball until dark. Happy Turkey Day!

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November 8, 2004

Boys week in Maui

Ryno and Jay came out for 10-days of good fun. First we had Halloween. It was hot. I was Lelu Dallas from the 5th Element, Marc was Ron Burgundy from Anchor Man, Jay was called a Scottish transvestite and Ryno was a pirate. I got tackled, Ryno took an elbow to the jaw but otherwise it was good family fun.

After recovering from Halloween night we rented an airplane and Jay flew us around Maui county. I loved it!

We also spent a night in Hana and went on a great hike. I got eaten alive by bugs and Ryno got a nice Hello Kitty tattoo.

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February 12, 2004

Pictures of the Baby

I spent the day at Baby Beach with Kaeli Ho and her little ones. Baby Tepua slept most of the time and Mihana turned into a beautiful rainbow fish that could swim under water. Nalu wanted to catch the Mihana fish and cook it for dinner. I know you all want to see pictures of Tepua Maria so here they are: Babies at the Beach

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