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May 26, 2009

Kosmo is 3 months old

Kids in Chair
Kids in Chair
Having two kids is fun! Kosmo is super chill and so happy. Malia is a fabulous big sister. Here are some photos from the last couple of months.


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March 26, 2009

Finally some spring snow

We barely got any snow this winter or spring but today is making up for it. Kosmo is growing and we are all having fun. Enjoy the day!


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February 21, 2009

Welcome Kosmo!

Meeting big sister
Meeting big sister
The wait is finally over. Malia can finally meet her baby brother.

The latest addition to our family came on February 19th. Perrin was amazing as she labored for six hours at home. We chose to go to the hospital just in time. We got to there at 10:57 and Kosmo Goerge Chipouras arrived at 11:22. He came in at 6 lbs 1 oz, even smaller than this sister. He's 19 in long with a 13.5 in head. Both Perrin and Kosmo are super healthy and we got to come home Friday afternoon. Malia couldn't be happier to be a big sister and we can only hope that continues.


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February 17, 2009

Waiting for Squishy

Big belly
Big belly
Well, Malia would have born by now but we are happy this little guy is cooking a bit longer. Malia is keeping us super busy in the meantime.

On a side note, congratulations to our good friends at Namaste Solar for their outstanding introduction of President Obama in Denver today!


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Winter Fun

I'm Ready
I'm Ready
Here are some more pictures of us having fun this winter.


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November 27, 2008

Finally caught up

Flying Butterfly
Flying Butterfly
Here are the latest greatest pics. I promise to try to be better about getting pictures up in a timely manner.


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Trip to Davis, CA

Early in the summer we went to Davis to visit Uncle Kyle, Auntie Amy, Hazel and Nola. It was hot but fun.


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More summer pics

Game Day.JPG
Game Day.JPG
A fun visit from cousins Hazel and Nola and the beginning of football season.


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Summer photos

Makers goes well with mint
Makers goes well with mint
At last, I learned how to use the iMac we got in May. No more excuses except for maybe the new baby on the way. Enjoy all of the new pics.


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April 21, 2008

Finally, more photos!

Malia spring 2008-02
Malia spring 2008-02
Malia is talking up a storm and has completely forgotten how to walk; she runs everywhere now. She is having a hard time understanding that she doesn't need her coat and hat to go outside when it's 75 degrees and her favorite activities are cooking, taking care of her babies, swinging and sliding. Happy Spring everyone.


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February 7, 2008

A long time coming

So Cute
So Cute
Everyone said time would fly and it sure has. We apologize for not posting for forever, but Malia has been so much fun it has been hard to find time for chores like these.

We had a wonderful Christmas with all of Perrin's family in town. Phil and Jackie even trekked through a blizzard to make it to Boulder for a special Christmas celebration.

Hazel and Nola played int he snow for the first time and it did not disappoint. The rest of us were just along for the ride.

Malia now dances, is building a vocabulary, and eats like a horse. She would also like to see your tongue and your belly button. And she loves her outerwear. It is hard to wrestle her hat and mittens away from her. :)


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November 5, 2007

Baby Ninja

Baby Ninja
Baby Ninja
In October Malia went to Hawaii, met the ocean, loved the beach and got to know many long lost Aunties and Uncles.

For Halloween she spent most of the day as a lost puppy. She was adorable, but in the end I think we all had more fun when assumed her true identity as a ninja when she got home.


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October 1, 2007

Malia is 1!

I love worms
I love worms
Malia turned one on September 29th. We celebrated with friends and birthday buddies, Joella, Keir, and Aunt Sandy with a Big Fat Greek party. Malia is walking everywhere and consistently uses 10 signs. She learn something new everyday and is so happy. We are having so much fun!


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August 27, 2007


so big & happy
so big & happy
Malia now has 4 teeth and took her first steps on Aug 21st. We went camping with the Aubuchons and Kirtlands and had a great time at Andy and Julie's wedding in Crested Butte. Enjoy the pics.


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July 24, 2007

Summer catch up

Riding the Suitcase
Riding the Suitcase
Summer is busy, what can I say. Here are a ton of photos to catch you up on the last month +. We have been swimming with friends, going on wagon rides with the neighbors and visiting family in Kentucky.


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May 23, 2007

May 2007

Wow, time is flying. I'm so sorryI haven't posted in awhile. We are all enjoying the nicer weather and have been spending lots of time outside. Malia helps her dad with all kind of yard work and loves to swing.


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March 29, 2007

Spring snow

Can you believe Malia is already 6-months old. In typical March fashion it snowed on Malia's birthday but luckily it melted quickly and we were able to save the daffodils. Malia also ate avocados for the first time at Penny's house.


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March 21, 2007

Malia loves the flowers

Malia loves the flowers
Malia loves the flowers
Spring is finally here and we are loving every minute. Malia is eating rice cereal now. It's hard to say who is more excited, Malia or Marc.


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Hiking at Sanitas with Penny

Hiking at Sanitas
Hiking at Sanitas
Here is a link to Alyssa's photos of Marc and Malia hiking with Alyssa and Penny. We are loving the great spring weather.


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March 7, 2007


happy bouncer
happy bouncer
Malia did not get an official 5-month birthday since February did not have a 29th this year. She is growing up all the same. Her Grandma came to visit and that was tons of fun. Malia has a favorite new toy, the bungee bouncer and she even gets to go on stoller rides without her carseat.


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February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day



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February 11, 2007

Just being cute

Just being cute
Just being cute
I have lacked motivation to post more photos because Malia is getting so interactive and telling fabulous stories but every time I get out the camera she just stares at it. We are having a ton of fun with her. She is making so many cute noises and getting close to rolling over. At her 4-month check-up she weighed 12lbs 10ozs.


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January 8, 2007

Malia's First Christmas & Blizzard

Baby bear
Baby bear
Malia is not sure what is more exciting gifts or almost 60 inches of snow. It has been a fun few weeks in Colorado.


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December 21, 2006

Look at my cute snow suit

Look at my cute snow suit
Look at my cute snow suit
Malia is enjoying her first official blizzard. She seemed a little unsure in the snow but I think it was just a little too bright out and she got hungry. Boulder is actually not that bad; we have about 30 inches of excellent powder. We are sad that the airport and highways are closed causing so many problems for holiday travelers.


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November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Calvin Klein ad?
Calvin Klein ad?
Malia has had a busy couple of weeks. She has been meeting our friends for happy hour, meeting Grammy & Papou's friends for coffee, meeting her own friends for lunch and meeting her Aunt, Uncle and cousins for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the photos.


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November 10, 2006

Halloween and week 5

All packed up
All packed up
We've been having lots of fun this week. Playing and visiting friends. Malia is getting bigger and more fun everyday. We promise she will have a fabulous costume next Halloween; we got a late start this year.


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October 29, 2006

One month old!

Well, we made it through the first month. Our daughter continues to grow cuter every day.

I'm one month


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October 15, 2006

40 weeks

The football hold
The football hold
Today is Malia's due date. Thus Marc has decided she no longer needs her premie clothes but instead can graduate to newborn size. The last couple of weeks have been full of friends, eating, sleeping in two hour increments around the clock and of course dirty diapers. We love it!


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October 4, 2006

Malia Sage Chipouras

On Friday Sept 29th at 1:10 AM Perrin woke me up to let me know that we were having a baby today. We were both shocked, we were supposed to have an October baby. That was the only thing we knew for sure. Larry was supposed to come sometime in October.

Well, our baby had other plans. After laboring at the house for the rest of the night, we made our way to the hospital at 6:30 AM. Eight more hours of intense back labor followed. Perrin labored all over the hospital room and our Doula, Ruth, and I did our best to massage her back throughout the process. We massaged her back so hard that Perrin still has bruises. Finally at 2:30 PM it was time for pushing. We pushed for an hour, some from the birthing bar and some on the squatting stool. Perrin was a superstar making it through the whole process without any drugs. Finally our little one arrived at 3:30 PM.

Marc, Perrin and Malia

Malia Sage Chipouras
6lbs 4oz
18.5" tall

And what Perrin now considers the most important measurement 12.5" circumference head.

Perrin and I are overjoyed. She is just adorable. Little Malia came into this world about two and a half weeks early which is right on the borderline of being premature. The doctors have been on alert to make sure she is okay. Fortunately, all of their fears have been unfounded. Malia just has a little bit of jaundice. After three days in the hospital we all came home together. Malia brought a nice tanning bed home with her and she is going to spend most of her time on it until Friday when hopefully her jaundice will have subsided.

Thank you to everyone for their love and support throughout this whole process. Perrin and I cannot wait to see each of you, so that you can meet the new joy in our life.


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September 25, 2006

36-37 Weeks

Looking Good
We're doing well here. Hazel, Nola, Kyle and Amy came to visit for Larry's pre party. Ryno and Sarah got married, Bridget Foutz wasa born and Perrin and Larry have been plumping up getting ready for the big day.


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July 25, 2006

Hazel and Nola Visit Colorado

Colorado wasn't quite ready for these two crazy girls, but somehow we made it through. We went through a major hail storm for my birthday and Hazel scooped as up as much as she could to store for later in the freezer. Hazel loved Rocky Mountian National Park and Nola thought it was a great place for sleeping. All in all it was great to see the girls (and their parents) And we can't wait for them to meet their new cousin over Thanksgiving.


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June 7, 2006

First pictures of our baby

Well 20 weeks finally arrived and got to see pictures of this strange creature growing inside of Perrin. Well baby Larry is happy, active and healthy. We have the photos to prove it. Yes, we call our unborn fetus Larry, don't worry that won't be the final name.

I'm sorry, but the photos realy don't do her justice. The live ultrasound was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Two other pieces of informations which you may be interested in: Due date: October 15th and Larry is a girl!


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April 24, 2006

We bought a house

Our front door
Our front door
Mark your address books, our new house is at 755 Grape Av. Boulder, Co 80304. Yes, in the Newlands, four blocks from the Dakota Ridge Trailhead. Not too Shabby..

What's the skinny? 3 Bedroom ranch, 1.5 baths, 1500 square feet, detached garage/workshop. And we couldn't be more excited.

We are slowly moving stuff over there, but don't plan on moving in until the Walnut house is under cotnract. Don't worry we did just buy a lawn mower, so we won't be neglecting our new house in the interim.


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April 14, 2006

House up for sale

2155 South Walnut St #2
Well, it is time to sell our house in downtown Boulder. We will miss it quite a lot, all the good times we had there next to the creek. But don't worry we just bought a new house in Boulder. I think I'm going to run over there and take some photos for you. We'll get them up soon.

Anyway if you would like to buy our house please let us know. :)


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