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February 17, 2009

Winter Fun

I'm Ready
I'm Ready
Here are some more pictures of us having fun this winter.


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September 17, 2005

We're Married

Wow. What a wonderful week in Telluride. The weather was perfect. The people were amazing. The food was great and the sentiment was there. The love and support that we have felt from everyone was amazing and we are truly grateful that everyone who could made the journey. Photos are going to be coming together over the next few weeks. If you do have any photos from the wedding please mail us a cd so that we can add them to our ever growing collection. Here is a small taste of what we have so far, for those of you who can't wait.



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June 27, 2005

Far away

We are over 2000 miles away from most of our friends and family, and for the most part we haven't felt that far away while we have been here in Maui. We have been fortunate enough to make it back to visit everyone quite often and have only had to miss a few weddings along the way.

But this week we feel farther away then ever. Neil Siettmann passed away late last week. His death was unexpected to us all. Perrin and I are still in shock and wish more than anything that we could be with you providing hugs and support.

Neil, we all miss you dearly. Your warmth and love will not be forgotten.

Donations are being accepted for the
United Methodist Church Youth Group
736 Oak St
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

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February 26, 2005

Engagement Honu

Perrin's dad is a truly gifted man. He is a professional wood carver, creating amazing pieces inspired by nature, which in turn inspire our imagination. You can view a small portion of Dave's work at monhllen.com.

When Carol and Dave came to visit last year, Perrin and I thought it would be fun to obtain some local wood for her dad to play around with in the mornings before everyone had woken up. The endemic wood of choice was Koa (My first wikipedia reference) Turns out that Koa happens to be one of the hardest woods in the world, it was much too hard for him to whittle in the mornings.

When Dave left the island he took the hunk of koa, a piece of coral from Hana, and the inspiration of the island with him. After many months of extemely hard carving, Carol and Dave returned with an amazing work of art.

The pictures hardly do the piece justice. And I don't think we will ever be able to thank the Monhollens enough for this amazing gift. Much Mahalos.

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February 24, 2005

Active Adult Lifestyle

Looking for that Active Adult Lifestyle? Look no further than Heritage Eagle Bend. You can enjoy bridge club AND drama club. And now you will also be able to enjoy the company of Phil and Jackie Chipouras as well.. Congratulations!

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December 2, 2004


On Dec 2nd, I asked Perrin to marry me. She said "Of Course" and we have both been beeming ever since.

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November 14, 2004

Catchin' up with Hazel

If you have a spare hour or two you should stop by the Hazel Bee. Kyle and Amy have put up a smorgasboard of Hazel cuteness for everyone to enjoy.

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November 8, 2004

Lisa's Visit

Lisa came to visit for a week. We had a great time chillaxing and hanging out at the beach. Pili escorted Lisa along with Mace-o, Sarah, Marc and I to the Feast at Lele.
This was Sarah's favorite performance of the night. We also went on a sunset sail with Erin Rinker, JZ and Brandon.

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November 6, 2004

Auntie PehPeh

So Hazel was having fun with Kyle's phone yesterday. She opened it up and started chatting away in typical Hazel style. Kyle asked who she talking to. "Mom?" no response. "Grandma and Grandpa?" no response. "Auntie Perrin?" Hazel got a big smile on here face and said "PehPeh!" (prounounced pay-pay)

Perrin hasn't stopped smiling since

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August 2, 2004

Hazel Guys Visit

Kyle, Amy and Hazel spent the last three weeks in Maui with us. We miss them terribly. Here is a link to Hazel's site where you can see all of the fun we had and just how adorable Hazel is. The Hazel Bee

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March 30, 2004

Jackie & Phil Chipouras Visit Maui

Jackie and Phil are on Maui so Marc and I have been playing tourist with them, complete with a ride to the summit of Haleakala in a Mustang convertible. We ate at Hula Grill on Kaanapali Beach on their first night in town. Of course the sunset was beautiful and we lined up with the rest of the spring break crowd for the photo opportunity. Kaanapali Sunset
We got up bright and early the night morning for a 7AM Whale Watch. Luckily for everyone else, a mother and baby whale put on such a great show I didn't even complain about getting up so early. Many of the whales have left Maui headed for a summer of eating in Alaska but we were happy to seem some are still in town. I have also included some photos of the West Maui Mountains. We have had a lot of rain recently so our island is extremely lush these days. Morning Whale Watch
Phil and Jackie also witnessed the dangers of living in this tropical environment when a storm knocked a banana tree onto our car. Marc 1; Banana Tree 0
Yesterday we cruised to the top of Haleakala (10,020 feet) in the Mustang. The landscape is amazing. We talked a lot about the Mars Rover for obvious reasons. It's an average of 32 degrees colder at the summit than at beach. Haleakala is also the home to many endemic and/or endanger species like the Nene bird and Silversword plant. In the photo of Phil and Jackie at the summit you can see the Big Island of Hawaii behind them, if you look carefully. Haleakala

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January 27, 2004

It's a girl!

Kaeli and Kea welcomed their new baby daughter to the world this monring at 8:30 AM. She weighs in at 8lbs 6oz and has a ton of hair. Her hands and feet are huge so she may grow up to be big like her daddy. The name isn't official yet, but we think it is going to be Tepua. Mihana picked that name out a long time ago.

Kaeli is healthy and tired after the C-section. She gets to spend the next 4 days in the hospital. Congratulations!

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December 1, 2003

Thanksgiving in Maui

Perrin and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving here in Maui. We had a good time and despite the fact that we were so far away from our families we still felt warm, loved and learned a lot about Hawaiian culture on the way.

We spent the whole day with our local ohana. Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and Kalani Ho and her family have warmly accepted us here in Muai and we have spent much time with them. We started off the day at 7AM rolling down to Kea and Kaeli's house to begin preparing the Imu.

What is an imu you say? It is an underground oven which is used to steam and prepare food kalua style. It is quite an invovled process which I will attempt to describe to you now.

First you need to dig a pit that is 2-3 feet deep. You should loosely cover the bottom of the pit with Keawe wood and kindling. Next, place a large bamboo pole in the middle and create a mound of lava rocks around the pole and create the shape of a volcano out of the lava rocks. Once you have all of your rocks place you can remove the pole and you now have a convenient place to light you imu. Please do not use gasoline to light your imu, the air cavity created by teh structure could create a sort of mini bomb. Now that you have lit your imu, let it burn for a bout an hour. The Keawe should burn slowly and heat your lava rocks up to a nice glowing red.

Now that your imu is hot it is ready to be lined. Stoke your coals until they create a nice level bed for your oven. Smash up two banana tree trunks to a nice soggy pulp. The banana tree trunks are made mostly from water and will provide some good steam for you. Cover the bottom of the oven ith 3 to 4 inches of smashed up tree trunk. Now continue to cover the oven with banana leaves. Next add some ti leaves to the mix for flavoring.

Now you are ready to add your meats to the oven. We could 1 turkey, 2 pig butts, 1 ham and 20 salmon lau laus. Basically to cook the meats cover them in hawaiian sea salts and wrap them in ti leaves. Creating the laulaus is a little more in depth process which involves more vegetables and seasoning and some very delicate tying of the ti leaves. I'm sure I could have done a better job explaining this part, but you are probably bored with my description by now anyway.

Anyway once you have made all of these things plop them down in the oven. Cover everything up with banana leaves. Lots of banana leaves and try to make sure there is no steam leaking from the oven. Now cover the whole apparatus with wet burlap and then a couple layers of wet sheets. Finally, cover the whole oven up with dirt. And wait. We waited about 8 hours for everything to cook, but apparently there isn't exactly a science to cooking times.

All of the food came out great. It was spectacular. Well at least the laulaus were great and everybody else seemed to be quite pleased with the meat as well.

Sorry for the overly winded description, but I really enjoyed the whole imu experience. We spent the rest of the day surfing and playing with Mihana and Nalu, drinking beer and talking story. It was a great day for eveyone.

I had to work at 3 on Thanksgiving, serving turkey dinners to a throng of tourists. That was interesting and made the day seem a little less like a holiday. Fortunately I had some cusotmers who appreciated me working on the holiday and they treated me nice. I made it back to the party at about 8:30 and settled back into the fun.

We missed all of the rest of our friends and family over this holiday, but are so glad, to have found a great group of friends over here.

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September 10, 2003

Our New Home

We arrived on a new moon, it is now a full moon and we signed a lease on our own place. It is in Kahana, which is about 10 minutes (by car driving 45 mph) north of Lahaina Town. However, our mailing address is still Lahaina since their is only one post office on this side of the island.

The place is great. It's a great two bedroom, one bath and has been newly remodeled. Our kitchen table is on the lanai next to our new tomato and basil plants that will grow all winter long -- crazy. It's furnished which is great because I am sure we never could have found such amazing wicker and floral furniture on our own. Seriously it was so nice to move in and not have to worry about getting a bunch of stuff.

The guest room is ready; complete with a King sized bed and plenty of tour books and restaurant guides.

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