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August 15, 2009

kosmos first 6 months

Poor second kid - no baby book for this guy. Here goes our best attempt at a recap.

Born Feb 19th at 11:22am after being at the hospital just 23 minutes. Came out, took a giant poo all over himself and mom and then had eyes wide open and looked at us like "what are we doing today?" He weighed 6lbs 1.2oz, 19 inches long, little bit of brown hair and long finger nails. Malia, Grammy, Papou and Lisa met him at 4:30pm that day. Malia and Lisa came back the next morning and then everyone came home about 1pm.

Kosmo was a great eater, good sleeper (only up once maybe twice a night) and liked to be swaddled. Grandma and Grandpa arrived 5 days later. On 3/6 (2 weeks old) he was 20 inches, and weighed 6lbs13.2oz. Malia love him instantly and held him multiple times everyday. Feb 28th we went to the mountain sun for the last day of stout month with Ryno, Sarah and Julian.

Month 2 - By late march Kosmo was already smiling and Malia's mini-mommy was in full effect. She helps with every diaper, helps give Kosmo a bottle and pumps milk for baby bean. In early April Kosmo could tip over from stomach to back. I'm not sure it was really rolling but it happened on multiple occassions. On April 6th, Mom, Grandma, Malia and Kosmo went to California to visit Kyle and the George's. Daddy met us for the weekend.

3rd month - Smiles were huge and easy to come by. Malia could even make him laugh. 5/7/2009 weighed 11lb3oz 23.25inches. Mom went back to work at 12 weeks. Kids stay with Grammy or Lisa when on Fridays when Mom and Daddy are both at work. Kosmo runs hot and cold with drinking milk from bottle. But is a happy go lucky kid. Eyes are going to be brown - no doubt.

4th month - Kosmo can sit on his own at least for a few seconds. Consistently rolls both ways and gets mobile. First he spun in circles on his belly and rolled but quickly he put together and very productive army/commando crawl. June 6th, Mommy, Malia and Kosmo took a trip to Kentucky and learned that Kosmo not only looks like his Daddy but is a hot bod too. He did not like the heat and humidity but was still tons of fun.

5th month - we spent the 4th of July in Steamboat with friends. Kosmo wows everyone with his super chill, fun baby self. July 20th Malia and Daddy feed Kosmo rice cereal in Mommy's milk. He likes it! Kosmo is very into toys. He is motivated to explore every room he is in and grab everything. Tim the fish is his favorite and he really likes his snuggly too.

6th month - Well between trying to crawl, getting his first two teeth, not taking a bottle very well etc. sleep has gone down hill (at least for mom.) Kosmo takes up power nursing at night. Grandma comes to visit at an unlucky time. Kosmo gets his first tooth on Aug 1st but spent about 5 days prior being miserable. After a visit to the doctor we learn teething sucks and that Tylenol comes in supositories - booty medicine for Kosmo. 8/3/09 weighs 13lbs13.8oz. The second tooth poked through two days later. Then back to super fun self.

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