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October 4, 2007

12th month

September was great. Malia officially became a walker, I think she might have even forgotten how to crawl. After mastering walking she has moved onto climbing and communication. She doesn't really have words - at least that we understand yet -- but she does seem to say Hi, Yea (as in yes) and This. But she is signing up a storm. She knows or has made up her own signs for:
Dog, Flower, more, all done, light, fan, bunny, phone, help, ball, eat, milk, drink

We took a trip to Arizona for the Buffs game and to see Aunt Harriet and Christine. It was so hot but everyone loved our adorable baby buff. We celebrated the big birthday with a Greek party on Friday night and Grandma and grandpa and stayed with Malia for a few hours so we could watch the Buffs upset Oklahoma on Malia's birthday.

She had her checkup on Oct 3rd and here are her stats:
weight: 17lbs. 14.1oz 6%
height: 2 feet 6 inches 78%
head: 17 inches 7%

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