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September 11, 2007

11th month

august was very fun. Malia became so expressive. She made a sound that sounded like the word this and would say it all the time. So, I would say this is a ball etc etc. We are still trying signs. she absolutely uses gestures but not really official baby signs yet. Biggest news of the month came on Aug 21st when Malia took her first steps. We were totally surprised. I set her down in the kitchen and she took 2 steps. She took 4 more when Marc got home from work. That weekend we went to Andy & Julies wedding in Crested Butte. There was a lot going on so Malia did not try walking too much more until we returned home. malia is also acting very grown up. she loves the baby bjorn, maybe too much, and likes to be in it at the grocery so she can push the cart and help shop. she is also more interested in pushing her stroller than in riding in it and she will eat anything as long as she can pick it up and feed it to herself.

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