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July 19, 2007

9th month

Time is starting to fly by. June was a big month for all of us. Malia crawled for the first time on June 4th. I was talking to Grammy on the phone and she took 5 distinct crawling "steps." She did it again later that night and slowly but surely became a speedster by the end of the month. We took a trip to Kentucky to say goodbye to the woods and have a mini family reunion. We were stuck in the Dallas airport for 9-hours and then in KY for 2-extra days all due to weather in Dallas but Malia was a rock star, played, laughed and entertained other weary travelers. She also had a great time with all of her cousins although sometimes the attention was a little overwhelming. While in KY she also got her first tooth on June 25th. Her first tooth is her bottom, front/right one and a second one on the left is not far behind. Malia spent most of her time in KY crawling to things and pulling up on them. It only took her a few days after mastering crawling to want to stand. Her best trick is laughing hysterically at the anticipation of being tickled or getting a zerbert. Marc also started a new job so he had a couple of weeks off to work making a window between the kitchen and dining room and playing with us. It was great.

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