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June 11, 2007

8th month

May was an exciting month which entailed many changes. Malia got closer to crawling everyday. She did push ups, rocked on all fours, pushed herself backwards on hardwood floors, then on carpet, flipped from her back to stomach and up to sitting in record time (making diaper changing an olympic level sport) moved from all fours to sitting and sitting to all fours, dove forward and then would get frustrated. The night of June 4th it all clicked and she crawled. Malia also really got the hang of solid foods in mid-May. She spent the couple of months prior tasting and playing but in the middle of may she started really eating. Malia got shots this month and didn't even cry just glared at the nurse. And we started a baby swap with Eden so Dad could work on Thursday afternoons, especially since he got a new job.

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