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March 31, 2007

month 6

Time is starting to fly. March was great fun and also a little worrisome. Malia seemed to be snotty and not really sick but not totally well on and off throughout the month. Considering all of the nasty diseases other babies got we were really lucky. We did spend a lot of time sucking out boogers and almost every morning I would yell to Marc, will you steam the bean (take Malia in the bathroom for shower time to help decongest her.)

On the fun side, Malia become a super fun jumper in her bouncer, talked up a storm (we called her baby pterodactyl) and stretched for everything. She would arch and reach for everything. In her papsan in the bathroom she would pull down her bunny, Jerry and then stretch and stretch to reach the tiny piece of velcro from which Jerry hung. In her gym she was more interested in the carrabeeners and streching to pull them off than in the animals. She is such a rock star and has been doing her part to spread good baby karma and PR in bars, restarants and homes thoughout CO. She also got a "bedtime" this month. She is in her PJ's at 8pm and then can read or play or whatever she likes but she is usually asleep and in the cosleeper by 8:30pm.

She arches and reaches but still no real interest in rolling over and less interest in tummy time than when she was tiny.

Stats on 4/2/07:
height 26 inches 55%
weight 14lb 6 oz 25%
head cir 16-1/4 inches 25%

perfect and healthy but needs to spend more tummy time to increase trunk strength and rolling
got DTaP and IPV shots

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