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October 3, 2005

What a weekend

We are still amazed at how wonderful the wedding weekend was. Now that we are back in the middle of the Pacific ocean, the overwhelming love we felt from every one at the wedding seems to be the single memory that stands out among the rest. Looking through the photos you have sent our way only confirms the fact, that we love you all very much.

Perrin and I are still waiting for the official wedding photos to arrive. (Point of Note, never use FedEx when delivering to Maui) While we wait though we have compiled some highlights of the photos that we have. We begin with memories of fresh flower leis and banana pancakes. We'll follow that up with highlights from the wedding itself - paying special attention to the kids in attendence. Robbie Takizawa may win the award for the best pose of the entire weekend. Now we can move on to some photos of the cranes from beginning to end. Thanks for spending the time to fold your own, the resulting symbolism exceeded all of our expectations. FInally, here are some miscellaneous photos from around the magical town of Telluride.

We'll get more photos to you as soon as you send them to us. And FedEx gets their act together.

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