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June 15, 2004

Big Catch up Article

Days have a way of disappearing here in Maui. We apologize for being a little behind posting our adventures so here is my attempt to catch up.

Some of our favorite people came to Maui for quick one-week visit. We had a fabulous time complete with a mini-spa day for the girls, surfing for everyone and of course the pleasure of meeting Ben for the first time. We spent the night in Hana and attempted to swim in every pool on that side of the island. Amy had some trouble believing that her snorkel mask would not leak if it was not on tight enough to hurt so she spent the week with a ridge in forehead. And Ben and Colleen ventured down Haleakala on bikes. Here are some fun photos

Mom and Dad came to visit too. Unfortunately, Dad crushed a few toes before coming so he was on crutches. They still had a great time and got a good overview of the island. Dad is going to carve us a honu (turtle) so we have some beautiful photos of these graceful animals. Honus Carol and Dave were also around for our first canoe regatta. Marc's boat came in third -- Congrats! We will have to make room on the photo wall for medals. Our First Regatta Mom and Dad are now in California for Hazel's first birthday. Marc made her a fabulous t-shirt and of course I can't resist posting photos. Hazel is 1 & Rad

Posted by Perrin at June 15, 2004 12:48 PM



Somehow I pictured Ben being a little younger...
hee hee hee

Posted by: Will at June 15, 2004 11:47 PM

I am sorry that Dave hurt his foot, but I know he enjoyed the hospitality of Marc and Perrin, they are great hosts

Posted by: Phil at June 17, 2004 2:00 PM

We had a great time and yes, Marc and Perrin are great host and hostess. We got wonderful sightseeing tours from Marc and Perrin and had many great meals. We can't wait to return next year to do all the things we couldn't do this time.

Posted by: Carol and Dave at June 19, 2004 9:43 AM

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