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February 7, 2004

Taro Burger in Paradise

How sweet it is to live in Paradise. Jimmy Buffett was in town for an outdoor concert at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. It was like your basic Buffett concert but instead of day dreaming about changes in latitude, boat drinks, the coconut telegraph and wanting to go where it's warm we live it. We also had fresh orchid leis not cheesy plastic ones and most people skipped aloha shirts since they have collars and are thus considered business attire here on the island. I (Perrin) was the undisputed washers champion of the pre-show tailgate party. Overall we had a fabulous time in the front row of Margarita Ville. Here are some pictures from our January day in Paradise. Jimmy Buffett Concert

Posted by Perrin at February 7, 2004 4:17 PM


booty wuz here

Posted by: Booty at February 9, 2004 9:05 AM

I wish I had a coconut telegraph. And monkey butlers. Oh sure, there'd only be one at first, but he'd train others.

Posted by: Will at February 9, 2004 9:51 AM

what is washers? and why does it look like marc is flipping off the camera in the "new friends" photo?

Posted by: amy at February 12, 2004 4:03 PM

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