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October 13, 2003

La Perouse

Josh and Merret spent the last week of their five week honeymoon adventure with us in Maui. We had a great time and felt very lucky to have so much time with them.

We spent today day hiking and snorkeling in La Perouse. It is where the road ends in south Maui. The bay was formed when lava erupted in 1790 making this very young and sharp land. The hike would have been hot except for the brisk wind. The downside being that I was afraid I would blown into the jagged lava. One fall and your snorkeling trip is over unless you want to be shark bait. Luckily we were all sure footed and made our way across raw lava to some of the best snorkeling in the world (that's according to me.)

We saw so many amazing fish and eels. One area we stopped is called the Aquarium and for good reason. I am still in awe of the entire underwater world and just beginning to learn the fish species. Marc is much better so if you have fish questions you should ask him. Something really cool is that about 25% of the fish species in Hawaii are endemic. So, if you want to see our puffers and triggerfishes you will have to come visit.

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