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September 19, 2003

Polarized Sunglasses

Life in Maui has been very good up until today. We have enjoyed the activities around the island and love exploring. Life just got at least 50% better today. Really it's true. We both bought polarized Maui Jim Sunglasses and have a new appreciation for living on the island.

The colors in the water and up to the mountains are so much more pronounced. Not to mention the blues and greens and the beaches. I can't beleive we lived without polarized lenses for so long. I think we may make it a requirement of all visitors to have polarized glasses or purchase them here. Maui is so much better with them. You landlocked dwellers may not beleive me now, but just wait until you visit.

Posted by Marc at September 19, 2003 4:41 PM


Polarized lenses make me psychotic.

Posted by: Amy at October 19, 2003 6:54 PM

OK, for a very simplistic (and maybe wrong) explanation as to why I get freaked out wearing polarized lenses is this: the polarization makes light come in through the lenses in a grid pattern rather than in the usual wavelengths and I feel as though I have tunnel vision and can't see straight. I unknowingly got polarized lenses on a pair of prescription sunglasses and I thought I was hallucinating when I tried them on. The person at the glasses store said something to the effect of, "Oh yeah, that happens to people, that'll be $150 please and sorry that you can't see and will never wear your glasses again because they freak you out." So, I have a pair (granted they are not Maui Jim), and they are a drawer, collecting dust.

Posted by: Amy at October 21, 2003 7:27 AM

I can't believe you lived in CO without polerized lenses!

Posted by: Kerry at October 22, 2003 10:47 AM

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