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September 10, 2003

Our New Home

We arrived on a new moon, it is now a full moon and we signed a lease on our own place. It is in Kahana, which is about 10 minutes (by car driving 45 mph) north of Lahaina Town. However, our mailing address is still Lahaina since their is only one post office on this side of the island.

The place is great. It's a great two bedroom, one bath and has been newly remodeled. Our kitchen table is on the lanai next to our new tomato and basil plants that will grow all winter long -- crazy. It's furnished which is great because I am sure we never could have found such amazing wicker and floral furniture on our own. Seriously it was so nice to move in and not have to worry about getting a bunch of stuff.

The guest room is ready; complete with a King sized bed and plenty of tour books and restaurant guides.

Posted by Perrin at September 10, 2003 9:12 PM


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